Commission an interpretive panel

Preserve your past Wouldn’t an attractive interpretive panel be a great feature in your place of work, or a terrific addition to your family’s history archive? History@Hand creates colorful, easy-to-understand interpretive panels that educate and inspire. Our research always tells a story and puts the materials in the context of their location or historic period. Where to put an interpretive panel

  • along a sidewalk
  • on a greenway
  • at a historic site
  • inside a building
  • portable – Take one to a special event like a family reunion

 About the panels Interior panels can be attached to a wall or can be free-standing.Exterior panels are graffiti-proof and weather resistant. Portable displays work great too! We work with you to determine the size and the right type of panel. or presentation You’ll get print-ready files that you can use for all type of promotional materials. Other ways to use our personalized historic research We can create information for you to post on your website.  We’ll write dynamic text and integrate graphics and photographs. We will collect oral histories from key family members.