Exterior Panels

This type of display captures the interest of people who might not visit a museum, but, when conveniently presented the material, will read all or part of the information before them.


Wilma Dykeman Panels—These panels are on display along the Wilma Dykeman RiverWay so that the accidental observer can happen upon them and learn about Wilma Dykeman, the namesake of the RiverWay.

Who was Wilma Dykeman?

Who was Wilma Dykeman?

“Who Killed the French Broad?”

“Who Killed the French Broad?”

The French Broad by Wilma Dykeman

The French Broad by Wilma Dykeman

Location Panels—These are printed on metal with special graffiti protected surfaces.This type of display provides information and points of interest about the community in which they are located.


Montford/Cullowhee Bus Shelter Panel 1


Montford/Cullowhee Bus Shelter Panel 2


Montford/Cullowhee Bus Shelter Panel 3


Montford/Cullowhee Bus Shelter Panel 4


Visitor’s Center Bus Shelter Panel