School Tours

Our tours for school-age children are interactive and align with the NC Common Core. Besides In addition to having a guided walking tour of the city as part of the tour, kids do planned, activities are planned at different locations so studentsso they can experience what is inside the buildings. Some children have never been to downtown Asheville before and they cannot wait to bring their parents back to show them what they have seen.

We have also done tours for high school and college age students, customizing the tour to exemplify work with the curriculum.

“We had a wonderful day and again feel like this is the best field trip we’ve ever done.” Debbie Crouse, third grade teacher, Candler Elementary School, Candler, North Carolina

Some of our school tours:
Candler Elementary, Candler, NC
Claxton Elementary, Asheville, NC
UNCA Prerendezblue, Asheville, NC
UNC Chapel Hill graduate urban planning students
Clemson University Graduate School of Planning and Landscape architecture
Appalachian State architecture and design students
Enka High School Architectural Design Club, Enka, NC

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