Riverside Cemetery Tours

Walk or drive the winding paths of this Victorian rural garden cemetery and enjoy the vistas that were part of its plan.

Riverside Relief

Here the famous and the humble rest together: financier and pauper, Christian and Jew, black and white, soldier and civilian, the powerful and the meek.  It is the final resting place of Thomas Wolfe, O’Henry and Kenneth Nolan, as well as other notable Asheville figures.  Asheville’s character was built on the shoulders of those buried at Riverside and your tour will reveal some of their stories.

“Trudy and I enjoyed this adventure into Asheville’s history.”—Ross Terry

“Now we know when we have company we need to take them to the cemetery.”—Lisa Bucki

Tour takes approximately 60 minutes. Call 828-777-1014 or email historyathand@charter.net for schedules and reservations. Adults $20.00, Students $12.00

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